Blogging on D

While preparing the next instalment in the series on complex networks in D, some nice news: Vladimir Panteleev has kindly added to the Planet D blog aggregator. There are quite a lot of people writing on D on a regular basis: some have been doing so for years, some (like me) are relative newcomers to the game, and all are fun and interesting to read (but of course: they’re writing about D:-).

I’m planning on making a regular habit, whenever writing on D, of highlighting at least one blog piece by another writer. Sometimes this will be related to the work at hand — more often, it’ll just be something that took my fancy, and there will be a definite bias in favour of new bloggers with interesting things to say.

On that note, make sure to check out Gary Willoughby’s very nice tutorial on templates in D, and Vladimir’s own recent post on low-overhead components.

And … if you have something to say about D, don’t be shy. Get writing!