Mankind Walks is on SoundCloud

SoundCloud wasn’t around, or at least certainly wasn’t well known, when Jo Collins, Cheikh Diop and I recorded the Mankind Walks material. So, we made the music available to stream from MySpace and Facebook and left it at that. And that seemed fine, as things go.

Then some months back Facebook decided to alter the functionality of band pages and just unilaterally removed all the music (how nice). We really meant to do something about it for ages, but life was busy (we all have other jobs, you know) … so nothing got done — until now. Happy days: Mankind Walks is now on SoundCloud.

Everything we recorded is there to stream. First of all, the album/extended EP, Mankind Walks:

… and our small instrumental number, Cry, recorded a year later:

SoundCloud players for this stuff are also available on the Mankind Walks homepage and on the Mankind Walks page here on

So … share, comment, follow and generally enjoy to your heart’s content. And we’ll see what we can do about adding more stuff, as and when we can. :-)