Mankind Walks

Mankind Walks Album Cover

‘Mankind walks upon the earth — her voice can sing with passion, and the ancient verse recite’

A musical adventure — when a songwriter friend asked me to write and perform on her planned new album — that turned into a rich and deep creative experience.

Mankind Walks was first performed at the Monmouth Festival on 29 July 2008. A further instrumental track, Cry, was released on 27 July 2009. All tracks are available to listen to on SoundCloud and MySpace, and on our homepage at

Album credits

Joanna Baillie Collins — voice, guitar
Joe Wakeling — clarinet
Cheikh Diop — African drums

Recorded by Ron Rogers at Up The Lane Recordings

Cover art by Annica Neumüller
Photographed by Corinne Gartmann

Track listing

  1. Mankind Walks (Collins, Wakeling, Diop)
  2. Hope (Collins, Wakeling)
  3. Fire on Fire (Collins, Diop)
  4. Change (Collins, Wakeling, Diop)
  5. Floods and Tides (Collins, Diop)
  6. Wilderness (Collins, Wakeling)
  7. When there is no time (Wakeling, Collins, Harding-Rolls)