Me, one fine day in Thun ...Welcome to my little corner of the web, where I, me, that is to say Joe Wakeling, share a few things about what I’m up to and what I’m interested in.

This tends to be quite a lot at any one time, so what’s here will be diverse, many-flavoured and quite possibly confusing. Life is much more fun when approached in all its possible variety …

… however, you’d probably like a few more concrete details than that, so here goes:

  • Professionally, I’m a scientist, with a degree in maths and a PhD in interdisciplinary physics. My research interests include complex systems, the dynamics of information and the future of scientific communication. I’ve also worked on the operational side of the scientific publishing industry. My complete professional CV is available on LinkedIn.
  • Outside of research, I’m a keen musician, both as performer and writer. Among other projects I play clarinet in the band Mankind Walks.
  • Just occasionally, I find time to write some computer code, for example:
  • My old, unmaintained and entirely out-of-date website is available at http://webdrake.net/, just in case you’re curious. Read at your own peril.