Google becomes scary

My previous post mentioned in passing a certain poem by John Banister Tabb. I thought I’d add a link to the original poem, so put it into Google just to find the URL again.

Imagine my amazement when — within 1 or 2 hours of publishing it — my blog and the individual post show up 4th and 5th in the search, respectively. Pingback obviously does worrying things …

A Musician's Trial Google Search

2 thoughts on “Google becomes scary

  1. Why scary? It just means you are popular on google and you’re categorized as useful!! :-D

    • It was the speed at which it arrived in the listings for this particular search term! Less than an hour after posting!

      Either my post just coincided with some update, or Google’s tracking and update software is now really fast and responsive to trackback/pingback information.

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